How to Develop Feature-Rich Mobile Apps Faster in 2024

How to Develop Feature-Rich Mobile Apps Faster in 2024

How long does it take to develop a mobile app? Whether you are a startup founder, an established business owner, or someone who is knee-deep in code, this question must have crossed your mind earlier or later. To be frank, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this riddle, and that uncertainty may compel you to spend more on your mobile application development project than required. So, the question comes, how to create a gorgeous-looking mobile app at the earliest and without humongous investment?

Well, to learn those techniques of faster mobile application development in 2024, you will have to read this entire blog as quickly as possible. Let’s first pay attention to:

Stats Highlighting the Growth of Mobile Application Development Market:

  1. As per a recent report, app downloads worldwide have crossed 200 billion in 2022, which shows significant growth compared to the previous year. What else? An average mobile phone user spends more than 4 hours per day on their smartphone, where 90% of that time is given to mobile applications.
  2. The mobile app development market is projected to produce more than $800 billion in revenue by the completion of 2023.
  3. The growth isn’t limited to established markets only. Some emerging markets, such as Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia have recorded more than 20% year-over-year growth in mobile app downloads.

Top 3 Tips to Perform Mobile Application Development Quickly

Looking to implement a bunch of strategies to shorten the time it takes for mobile application development? Here are the top three techniques you can adopt to improve your app development process:

Minimum Viable Product Approach

The MVP approach is a tried and tested technique that emphasizes launching an app with basic features to satisfy early users while offering valuable feedback for future mobile application development. Using this method, especially during the design phase, shortens the time to market because it focuses on the core functionalities that address the key problems for users instead of additional ones that can stretch the development timeline.


An excellent example of the MVP approach in practice is the initial app release of Airbnb. The platform started as a simple website that allowed users to rent out space in their houses for some reason, providing just the basic feature required to connect hosts and guests. This ordinary start allowed the founders to enter the market swiftly and begin learning from user interactions without the need for a complicated and advanced platform. The insights acquired from this early mobile application development were useful enough for guiding the development of the comprehensive service that Airbnb provides these days.

Agile Development Methodology

According to the experts of the best app development company in USA, agile development methodology is all about making the entire software development process more flexible, cooperative, and responsive to constructive feedback. By dividing the project work into smaller segments, known as sprints, Agile allows teams to concentrate on the significant progress of the product quickly and efficiently. This method is extremely helpful because it enables continuous evaluation and adaptation of the project’s direction depending on real-world feedback and changing requirements.


Spotify is one of the best examples of apps where Agile methodology has been used. The company’s organizational structure represents the Agile principles of autonomy, flexibility, and user-centric development. This method has allowed Spotify to quickly innovate and adapt its product, becoming a leader in the global music streaming industry.

Effective Project Management

Effective Project Management plays an instrumental role in guiding mobile application development projects towards on-time compilation and success. A mix of clear communication, careful milestone tracking, and the speed to adapt to new information and challenges strengthens the ability to handle project timelines effectively.


Clear communication paves the path for successful mobile application development. It is necessary to introduce a culture of openness and frequent communication to all team members, including designers, developers, and stakeholders. Taking some project management tools in use, like Jira, Slack, and Asana can facilitate smooth communication between all professionals, making it easy to get real-time updates and feedback. Not just that! Such tools help in keeping everyone aligned with the goals and timelines of the project.

In order to accelerate the entire mobile application development journey without compromising on quality, software developers leverage a wide range of development frameworks and platforms designed to streamline the development process. These tools facilitate quick application development by offering reusable elements, simplifying complicated coding tasks, and ensuring cross-platform compatibility.

Let’s take a look at some key players in this field:


Flutter is a well-known UI toolkit by Google, which is used to create natively compiled apps for different platforms, such as web, mobile, and desktop with the help of a single codebase. It makes the most of Dart programming language and renders a massive set of pre-designed widgets that play a key role in developing visually pleasing and highly responsive applications. The experts of a pre-eminent software engineering company believe that the hot reload feature of Flutter is one of the best functionalities out there as it allows software professionals to view the effects of their changes in real time, making it a breeze to experiment with UI designs and resolve bugs immediately.

React Native

React Native is another framework on this list that allows developers to create mobile applications with the help of React and JavaScript. Developed by Facebook, the biggest advantage of this SDK is the ability to write code once and utilize the same for both Android and iOS operating systems, reducing the development time to a great extent. According to a well-established app development company in USA, React Native also comes with a hot-reloading feature, which shows code changes in the app almost instantly, leading to an increase in the speed of the app development process.


Backed by Microsoft, Xamarin is an optimal quality framework that allows developers to utilize C# for creating applications for iOS, Android, and Windows with a single shared .NET codebase. It gives access to native APIs and tools, enabling the development of applications that can fully exploit platform-specific hardware and software capabilities. What else? The integration of Xamarin with Visual Studio, a comprehensive development framework, simplifies development and improves productivity.

These are some ways to speed up the mobile application development process, enabling developers to concentrate on creating high-quality and feature-rich apps, while managing time and resources in an efficient manner.

Now, if you also want to build a feature-focused mobile application anytime soon, it is a wise decision to hire the fastest-growing app development company in USA.

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